Your Comfort

There’s nothing worse, when you’re on holiday or travelling for business, than staying in a room which is less comfortable than your own home. So we have invested in hotel grade beds, good quality furniture and smart TVs to offer you a maximum feel-good factor during your stay with us. Our bathrooms are all ensuite so you won’t be bumping into other guests on the landing when you need a shower.

Whatever time you arrive your room will have tea and coffee making facilities and a jar of freshly baked cookies.  When you book, do let us know if you have any dietary requirements so that we don’t give you something you can’t eat.

The guest lounge downstairs is designed for you to relax, read, play games or enjoy an afternoon tea, which can be ordered in advance, and there’s seating outside too. On a warm day, why not enjoy your refreshments outside on our patio at the picnic table. Or ask us for a relaxer chair.

And now you can also unwind in our Geodome in the garden, so even when the sun isn’t shining you can sit outside and enjoy the flowers in the garden.

The breakfast room operates staggered breakfast times to avoid a rush on the muesli! You can order your personalised breakfast the day before too, so that we can cut down on food waste and you get exactly what you fancy. Good, eh? Our furry friend Basil is always hopeful that you’ll leave your sausage, but he’s usually disappointed!

(Your safety)

Our entire house is fitted with fire and smoke alarms and safety lighting.

Our insurance requires you to switch off all unused appliances, including the shower, when you leave the room. This also helps to save energy!

Please note that the house and grounds are completely non-smoking, yes even the balcony and the apartment garden. Thank you for smoking outside the gates.