Our Ethos

We are delighted to have installed solar panels so that our house is now run on renewable energy. So, you can take your shower, safe in the knowledge that the sun has heated your water. We think that’s pretty cool (or hot!).

Added to that, we have tried to be as eco-friendly as possible with our purchases, so your loo paper and the box of tissues comes from an ethical company and is made from sustainable bamboo. Likewise, those fabulous sheets on your bed are made from sustainable bamboo. 

Single use plastic? No thanks! Your bathroom toiletries are not in those tiny little bottles: we have a reduced impact on the planet by using refillable bottles and dispensers.

The milk for your morning cuppa can be found in the fridge in cute little jugs, always fresh, never longlife and never in plastic! And fresh water is provided in glass carafes, not plastic bottles.

If you can think of other ways that we can run a more sustainable business, talk to us. We’d love to hear your thoughts.