Walking and hiking in the Fermanagh Lakelands

Trekking Through Fermanagh: Walk This Way for Wonders! 🚶‍♂️🍀

Calling all intrepid explorers! Do you love to spend your time in breathtaking landscapes and picturesque paths? Yes? Well come on down to County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. It really is the dream locale for anyone keen to tie their laces and embark on an epic journey. So, dust off those hiking boots and let’s discover Fermanagh’s finest trails.

1. Cuilcagh Boardwalk Trail: Stairway to Heaven! ☁️
Nope, it’s not just a legendary rock song. This trail is an Instagrammer’s dream. The wooden path winds through awesome bogs and heather moorland. And those steps? There are a lot of them and although you don’t need to be an experienced hiker, it is a tiring climb, so be prepared with a few little snacks, water and gear for changeable weather.  Cloudy views and a sense of accomplishment guaranteed!

2. Castle Archdale Country Park: Where History Meets Nature 🏰🌳
Combine woodland wonders with a splash of history. Meander through forest trails, spot some WWII remnants, this was a naval airbase and there are plenty of historic nooks and crannies to explore.  Say hello to the local deer, if you’re quiet enough to spot one,  or feed the very tame (and greedy) robins. Add a sprinkle of lough-side vistas and you’ve got a picture-perfect hike!

3. Lough Navar Forest Viewpoint: Elevated Euphoria 🌲
A forest drive that culminates in a panorama that’ll knock your socks off, whatever the weather. Overlooking Lough Erne, this viewpoint is the stuff of dreams. On a clear day you can see all the way to the Atlantic ocean.  And the forest? Teeming with walking trails perfect for a brisk walk or a serene saunter.

4. Devenish Island: A Watery Wander 🌊
Hop on a boat (the Erne water taxi leaves from Enniskillen castle) and head to this historic island. Stroll around, soak in the 6th century monastery vibes, and if you’re feeling gutsy, climb the round tower. The view is stunning and the history is richer than a pot of Irish stew!

5. Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark: Subterranean Spectacular 🌍
Okay, not strictly a hike, but this underground wonder is too cool to miss. Delve deep and marvel at the fascinating formations. You can even take the boat through the caves when the water isn’t too high, but this is the Fermanagh Lakeland, so rain is not a stranger here! Above ground plenty of trails await, flaunting Fermanagh’s finest landscapes.

So, fellow wanderer, whether you fancy a leisurely lakeside loop or a mountainous mission, Fermanagh is where your feet need to be. Grab your water bottle, pack a snack, and get trekking! And when the day is done you can cosy up here at Rossclare Lodge🥾🍀

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