Spellbound in Enniskillen

Let me take you to Enniskillen Castle today – a fascinating piece of history to capture your imagination. Nestled in the beautiful County Fermanagh (and I’m not saying that because I live here), this 16th century fortress boasts a rich history to leave you spellbound!

First of all, the castle has a moat, and not just any old moat, full of weeds and empty cans, but a watery moat that’s 30 feet wide! When you stand and look at the old tower (added on in 1609), you can just imagine the knights in shining armour, arrows flying and trebuchets launching boulders. Well, I can, anyway…..

You’ll also find a cool museum in the castle, showcasing its long history, from its origins as a Gaelic fortress to its role in the English Civil War. And if, like me, you’re a fan of the Tudors (that’s my Welsh roots coming through), you’ll love the Tudor courtyard with its striking architecture and lovely gardens. It’s like stepping back in time: if you squint you can almost see Anne Boleyn.

But apart from all the history, the location on the River Erne is stunning with Broadmeadow just beside it and water sports galore to enjoy: kayaking, paddleboarding and hydrobiking, no less! Or you can rent a boat or get the water taxi to other great spots on the lough.

So whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, or an aquatic athlete (or amateur), Enniskillen Castle in the Island Town of Enniskillen, is the answer to your prayers. Come and discover the magic for yourself and stay with us at Rossclare Lodge for that little bit of luxury at the beginning and end of your day. You won’t be disappointed!

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