Savour the delights of the Boatyard

The Boatyard Gin Distillery is a gem of a place near Enniskillen on the opposite side of the lough from Rossclare Lodge. In fact, if you were a really excellent swimmer you could possibly swim across, as it’s almost opposite, with an island or two in between!  This wonderful little distillery is more than just a place that produces exquisite gin; it’s an experience of craftsmanship, dedication and vision and the tour is great fun as well as being really informative.

The location itself is just marvellous, right on the banks of the lough with splendiferous views, whatever the weather. So, when you’re not tasting the gin and listening to the guide, you can gaze across the water (and imagine that swim!)

The tasting room is a sensory delight, with a super-duper bar, tastefully done to exhibit your drinks in a tantalising way as you progress from a simple but delicious gin and tonic, through a tasting section and onto a delicious cocktail or maybe a hot toddy, depending on the time of year. We’ve been twice now, taking friends and family both times and there’s always a new story to hear and a new gin to sample. And the joy of labelling your own bottle to take home is probably enhanced by the tipples you’ve enjoyed, but it’s a joy nonetheless!

Each carefully crafted gin tells a unique story, with flavours that dance across your palate. From the zesty citrus notes of their classic gin to the depths of the Old Tom and the fruit of the Sloe gin, every sip is a journey of discovery. And the guide is so knowledgeable and entertaining that you don’t want to leave.

Whether you’re a gin connoisseur or a curious traveller, the Boatyard Gin Distillery is a delightful destination and an excellent way to spend a couple of hours during your stay with us.  So, raise your glass, savour the flavours, and immerse yourself in the magic of this small, but perfectly formed distillery on the shores of Lough Erne. We’re happy to book a tour for you, drop you off and book a taxi back for you so that you can indulge yourself completely.

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