Mindfulness Retreats

It’s that time of year when the summer season is still in full force, but we’re looking ahead to a colourful autumn and even the colder winter months with anticipation, because we’ve got some special treats in store for you!

This year we’re teaming up with James at the Happy Mind Studio to bring an irresistible weekend just for you: Just imagine, it’s Friday, you’ve had a long week at work and you have to commute home, cook supper and do the washing up. Instead, you could head here to Rossclare Lodge and let us do the cooking and washing up, whilst you take part in a lovely relaxation in the lounge by the fire before heading up to bed. The cookie jar in your room will be full and refilled if you can’t resist munching them all before breakfast!

After a good night’s sleep you’ll be served a fabulous breakfast before enjoying some fresh air and a little walk followed by your first of two restorative mindfulness sessions with James. There will be a yummy lunch and some free time during the day, and even a longer walk for those who fancy stretching their legs a bit more. After a light supper in the evening James will be here to offer another longer session of mindfulness relaxation, either by the fire in the lounge or, if the weather is dry, the session could be under the stars, around the firepit. Imagine that!

We’re also offering the option of an earlier arrival on Friday to enjoy one of our delicious afternoon teas, and an Irish music session with Jim after supper on Saturday. He’ll teach you a couple of traditional folk songs and sea shanties to sing along with if you’re lucky.

Breakfast on Sunday will include Sunday papers and a bottomless pot of coffee (or tea) in the lounge before you leave. No rush, we’re extending our check out time to 11.30am especially for you.

We can’t imagine a better way to relax and unwind during those long autumn and winter months when summer still seems so far away. You know you deserve some me time, so to book this wonderful treat, call us directly at Rossclare Lodge (028 6862 1487) to make your reservation and to share your dietary preferences. Couples and singles are welcome. The weekend will go ahead with a minimum of four people attending.

#1  Weekend package with Irish music

Arrive Friday evening and enjoy supper and your first mini relaxation session after supper, before retiring to bed.

Wake up to a fabulous, cooked breakfast on Saturday, followed by your mindfulness session with James and a short local walk to admire the views of the lough with Jim, or chill by the fire and read a book. The choice is yours. A light lunch will be served at 1.30pm and then you’ll have some free time to relax until James arrives for your next mindfulness session at 4.30pm

A two course supper will be served  at 7.30pm with the option of some traditional Irish music by the fire before bedtime.

Retire to bed at leisure and enjoy a final breakfast at 8.30/9am on Sunday, with papers to read in the lounge over a leisurely coffee before departure at 11.30am.

Price per couple £440                 Singles £320                                    

NB the weekend will run with a minimum of 4 attendees

Apartment accommodation +£25

#2 Weekend Package with Afternoon Tea & Walks

Arrive on Friday around 4pm for afternoon tea in the lounge at 4.30pm, then enjoy some free time to unpack and unwind before a short relaxation by the fire around 7pm.

8pm  light supper of homemade soup and wheaten bread in the dining room

Breakfast will be served at 9.00 on Saturday before a little walk to the jetty to enjoy the views of the lough and walk off your breakfast in the fresh air. Hopefully refreshed, you can now give yourself over to James for a full hour of mindfulness at 11.00.

1.00pm lunch – 2 courses

In the afternoon Jim will take those who want to stretch their legs and admire the Fermanagh countryside, for a guided walk in the fabulous Geopark (approx. 1.5 – 2hrs) When you return to the lodge, hot drinks will await you and then you can put your feet up for a wee while before a light supper.

Your second mindfulness session (approx. 2hrs) with James will take place outdoors around the firepit, to indulge in some star gazing (weather allowing!), or by the fire in the lounge.

On Sunday morning you can indulge in one final cooked breakfast and a read of the Sunday papers with endless coffee in the lounge before your departure at 11.30am

Cost per couple £450      singles £330

Apartment accommodation +£25

This offer is open to all non-smoking couples and singles who like to take a break from the pressures of 21st century life and unwind in a peaceful setting, surrounded by the joys of nature. So give your self and your loved one a special treat this winter!

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