Fishing for a minibreak?

So, nestled in the green heart of County Fermanagh, you’ve got this gem called Lough Erne, and we’re right on the edge of it! It’s pretty much an angler’s dream, split into two parts by the island town of Enniskillen. Picture this: tranquil waters, surrounded by stunning scenery, where you can fish to your heart’s content. Whether you’re into coarse or game fishing, Lough Erne’s got you covered with its diverse fish population—think bream, roach, pike, perch, and even eels. Sounds pretty great, right?

Now, let’s talk about the fishing scene’s social calendar because it’s buzzing. First up, there’s the Fishing Tackle and Bait Open Weekend, happening every spring.This year it’s taking place on Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th February and doors open at 9.00am with a free goody bag for the first 100 people through the door on both days! How cool is that? This event is like the Christmas of fishing. You’ve got all the latest gear, tackle, and bait on display, and experts sharing their top fishing tips and tricks. It’s perfect for anyone looking to up their fishing game, from beginners to the pros.

Then there’s the biggie—the Lough Erne Classic Fishing Festival. This one’s a must for anyone who’s serious about fishing. Picture hundreds of anglers from all over, coming together to compete for some hefty cash prizes. It’s not just about the competition, though; it’s about meeting fellow fishing enthusiasts and soaking up the incredible atmosphere, all set against a stunning backdrop.

Not to forget, the Erne Anglers Easter Festival adds a special touch to the Easter holidays.: Saturday 30th March – Monday 1st April 2024. Organised by the folks at the Erne Anglers Angling Club, this festival is all about celebrating fishing, community, and, of course, a bit of friendly competition. It’s a great time to enjoy the sport, whether you’re aiming to snag a prize or just want to enjoy a day out on the water with like-minded folks.

Now, before you grab your rod and reel, remember that fishing on Lough Erne comes with a bit of homework—you need to get a fishing license. It’s all about keeping the fishing sustainable so future generations can enjoy it too. You can easily pick up a license from the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) or through approved vendors around County Fermanagh. They’ve got different options to suit everyone, from day-trippers to those who can’t stay away from the water.

In a nutshell, Lough Erne is more than just a fishing spot; whether you’re casting your line for the first time or you’re a seasoned pro, this is the place to be for unforgettable fishing adventures, all while keeping the spirit of conservation alive. So, what do you say—ready to fish in one of Ireland’s most beautiful spots?

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