Elementor #2864

Relax and unwind with our spa pack

Our king size room Aspen has a spa bath, and we want you to be able to make the most of it whilst you’re here.

So, how about a gift set to help you to relax in the spa bath and make the most of those glorious bubbles? For just £19.99 you will be able to treat yourself with a bath bomb to make even more bubbles, a face mask to treat your skin as you lay back in those bubbles, body lotion to moisturise after the bath, a scented candle to get the mood right and a hot chocolate to sip in the tub.

We’ll add an emery board so that you can tidy your nails as part of your routine and some hand cream to moisturise when you’re done, and slippers to keep your toes warm.

You’ll find robes in the wardrobe too, so you can wrap up whilst you’re completing your relaxing treat.

Just send an email to order your spa pack and we’ll make sure it’s ready and waiting for you!

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