Christmas wreath workshops in Fermanagh

Sorry, sorry, sorry for mentioning the C word (no, not that one!), but I was just trawling through some photos this morning and came across the DIY Christmas wreath kits that I made up for clients in Germany two years ago during the winter lockdown.  Face-to-face workshops were a big no-no (or nein-nein) for obvious reasons. So I had to get creative. I foraged in my garden for foliage – we had every fir and spruce imaginable – and I put together kits, which I delivered to my lovely customers.

I even did a drop off in a lay-by. That looked very dodgy!  The next day the workshop took place online, with me making up a wreath myself and watching my clients doing theirs,  getting tipsy on their bottles of prosecco.  It was great fun, but I’m glad that this year I can offer face-to-face workshops again.

You can be ahead of the game by booking yours now.  You’ll get a warm welcome at Rossclare Lodge, with hot drinks, mince pies and shortbread, then you’ll have two glorious hours of fun and banter whilst we all use the evergreen foliage, pine cones, ribbons and dried fruit, maybe even some baubles and sparkles if you so desire, to make a gorgeous wreath to hang on your front door.

If your front door is shaking its head and saying “oh no you don’t”, you can use your wreath as a table centre piece. TOP TIP – get a church candle to stand in the middle and wow your friends and relations with your flair and creativity. And, if you don’t have room for a wreath, why not check in to my table decoration workshop instead?

My house will be full of homemade decorations this Christmas, because I love the smell of pine and cinnamon sticks and, at last, I have a staircase that’s crying out for a green garland.  I’ll probably have to get up even earlier to find the time, but it will be worth it.  See you there!

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