Childhood dreams can come true

Friday morning used to be the start of the weekend. You know, maybe steak and chips and a bottle of red for supper, a movie on the telly and the promise of that much needed lie-in on Saturday, perhaps even a trip to the pub for dinner.  Now, two weeks into our new lifestyle of running a B&B and all that has completely turned on its head. My body clock has already adjusted to getting up at 6am, even when I don’t need to, and a relaxing Friday evening is a thing of the past.

But hey! We’re here in County Fermanagh, our business got off to an amazingly good start and if I need to go to bed an hour earlier than in my previous life, who cares? And the best thing of all? Getting up in the morning to find we’ve had another booking!

The road here has been long and arduous and maybe one day I’ll bore you with some of the details, but for now, let’s just say how grateful I am to be living my dream. I was checking the reservations in my actual reservations book, cos there’s nothing like real paper and a pen, and I was reminded of playing at my Nannie’s house in the school holidays many years ago. I had some paper and a little pencil that my Grampy used to use for marking the horses in the paper, and I was imagining myself as a receptionist somewhere, making entries in a big book with a hard cover. Well, whaddya know? Now I’m doing it for real, and yes, my book has a hard cover!

So here we are, my husband and I, installed in a house we named Rossclare Lodge, on the road down to the jetty on Lough Erne. Our three guest rooms are gorgeous and I’m so proud of the choices we made in furnishings and decoration, cos it all looks great, and we’re busy, busy, busy!  We also have a very pretty garden apartment with a loft bedroom and a Juliet balcony. How cool is that? I love it! The garden needs work, but we’ll get to that eventually. At least there’s plenty of space for our guests to park their cars.  For now, let’s just live this childhood dream a little longer and keep entering the reservations in the actual book with a hard cover!

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