Celebration Package

Introducing our celebration package. New for 2024!

A delightful treat to help you to celebrate a special occasion here at Rossclare Lodge.

  • A hand-tied bouquet of seasonal flowers from our own garden, grown with love, not chemicals.
  • A box of homemade brownies, baked in our kitchen with fresh ingredients
  • A yummy bottle of fizz or a delicious virgin cocktail

Make your special occasion really special with our centrepiece, “grown-not-flown” bouquet, accompanied by brownies and fizz. What better way to celebrate?

Our flowers are all grown in the garden where we delight in welcoming the pollinators and looking after the food chain, so no pesticides or other nasty chemicals come near our land. You can rest assured that your flowers will be cut straight into water early in the morning before the heat of the sun gets to them (this helps to keep them fresh) and arranged on the day of arrival in an aquapack so that you don’t have to worry about them. They will be seasonal of course, so no two bouquets will ever be the same. If you or your loved one has an allergy to any particular flower or foliage, please let us know and we will avoid using those and just stun you with all the other beauties!

Choose any two from the following brownies: traditional dark chocolate & walnut; raspberry & white chocolate, hazelnut & milk chocolate, biscoff or peanut butter brownies.

Drinkies: we can offer you two glasses of 0% prosecco to accompany your brownies, or a delicious mocktail – our lemon, cranberry and ginger beer cooler or a pineapple and coconut fizz. (We’ll tell you a secret, when Denise worked in a bar as a student, she became an expert cocktail maker, and was very much in demand, so these virgin cocktails are her own recipes, blended just for you! )

Order by phone or email and pay on arrival or online (we’ll send you an invoice with payment instructions)

Tel: 028 6862 1487

email: office@rossclarelodge.co.uk

Ginny:- Fabulous flowers Denise ! Thank you so much xx

Penny:- the attention to detail was amazing. Such beautiful flowers!

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